Kash Flo Phresh

In Today’s fast pace entertainment industry artists and companies alike come and go just as fast as the fads & gimmicks they’ve created, which makes it truly unique and refreshing when we are able to discover an artist with a new and innovative sound . Well , Detroit has cultivated yet another game changing artist that goes by the name of “Kash Flo Phresh”. Kash is more than meets the eye; bringing an arsenal of snappy punchlines and thought provoking lyrics to a blend of 90’s hip hop & new school style beats. This rapper, writer and producer has honed his craft to the tune of diversity; taking on music genres ranging from Pop, all the way to Trip Hop. His latest mixtape “The Lyfe N Tymes Of Charlie Hustle” makes it clear to see that Kash refuses to be placed in a box, displaying versatility from beginning to end as he shows the world the new Motown sound he calls “Audio Dope”.

“West side born, Metro raised” is a phrase that best describes this native Detroiter’s up bringing and musical beginnings. Never being scared to leave the comforts of his home town Kash was exposed to different cultures, art forms and regions in which contributed to the entertainer he is today. Growing up Kash showed talent in many different art forms, from drawing and painting to photography and graphic design. “ Everybody wanted to be athletes, actors or rappers. I love music but I never thought I’d be making songs.” he explains. While progressing through high school Kash started to notice that he had a knack for writing and an ear for music and in 2003 decided to hit the studio.

As you can probably imagine his first time was a humbling experience. Kash recalls the words of his father after his first session being “ This is a different animal. You gotta drop ya ego, and check ya attitude”. In the following years Kash shadowed other acts, picking up recording techniques and an array of rhyme patterns that he exorcised over a multitude of instrumentals. Finally, in 2011 he stepped out on his own and began hitting Detroit’s music scene, appearing on open mic stages, and featuring at the iconic St. Andrews “Shelter”. On October 1st 2012 Kash Flo Phresh presented his first official solo project “The Lyfe N Tymes of Charlie Hustle” which Featured some of Detroit’s most influential indie artists such as; Miz Krona (8mile), Jade Lathan (American Idol), Dj Los, and a roster of others. The project was well received and made his presence as a new up and comer known.

Since his debut Kash has continued to expand his fan base through hard work , resourcefulness and never being too good to hit the streets and do his own leg work. Along with constant networking, recording and performing he has developed a group of artists specializing in different art forms including, but not limited to; photography, djing, cinematography, and singing. The collective call them selves “The Distinguished Underground Generation” or “D.U.G”. Based on Kash’s vision D.U.G has focused on using their skill sets to cross promote and in the process branding the hash tag “#UndergroundGang”. Kash Flo Phresh and the D.U.G are on a mission to create a movement like none other, and failure is not an option


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